Visit Etna From Catania – Etna Tour from Taormina Giardini Naxos

Visit Etna from Catania – Contact our agency to visit the active Volcano near Catania

Visit Etna from Catania, the Sicily region in March 1987 established a protected area with several protected species.

Visit Etna tours from Catania can enjoy the beauty of the Volcano area.
We are specialazed in Etna Jeep Tours with wich you can explore several views of the volcano.

Mount Etna is also a National Park. Etna Natural Park, established in March 1987 by the Region of Sicily, covers an area of 60,000 hectares where inside there are many species of endemic plants and animals, and visited every year by a large number of tourists, thanks to many nature trails and special tours.

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Mount Etna – Taormina – Alcantara: Sicily Highlights 

Visit Etna Bove Valley


Mount Etna is one of Sicily’s biggest tourist attractions. Thousands of visitors come every year. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The easiest way to visit is to take one of the guided jeep tours that can be organised from Catania. Visits often include, the Valle del Bove (Ox Valley) which is a large depression in the eastern side of the volcano caused by a huge landslide after an eruption thousands of years ago, one of more 250 lava caves you can find on Etna Volcano to take a look into the volcano’s heart, very easy trekking around  old and recent craters and the big lava flow of the most recent significant eruption of 2002 which destroyed the ski station of Piano Provenzana.

Etna Lava Cave


Taormina, is also called “pearl of Sicily” thanks to its enchanting position, between the mount Etna and the Mediterranean sea. Taormina has always been and still now is a “must see” for visitors coming from all over the world.

The most important monument of Taormina is the ancient Greek Theatre. It is the second biggest Greek theatre in Sicily, after the one in Syracuse.  During summer it is used for music concerts and other events. The panorama from the Greek theater is breathtaking. Behind the ancient ruins it is possible to see the Etna, crowded of snow and the bay of Giardini Naxos.

The main street of Taormina is Corso Umberto I, with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars which offer delicious Sicilian pastries.

Taormina is the ideal place to enjoy a typical sicilian panorama, visit important monuments, to buy souvenirs, or to do shopping in fashion shops. During your Sicilian holidays a visit in Taormina, few hours or a whole day, is absolutely to recommend.

Sartorius Etna Craters


One of Sicily’s most spectacular natural sights are the Alcantara river and its gorges.

Originating in the Nebrodi Mountains, the Alcantara River runs for over 50km passing through several towns until it reaches the Ionian Sea at Giardini-Naxos. Located just 20m from Taormina, between Catania and Messina, the black lava walls of the Alcantara gorges are a magnificent example of erosion of volcanic rock. The Alcantara River Park offers an unspoiled landscape of flora and fauna, and breathtaking views from a series of paths and trails.


You can have your Etna Jeep Tour, begin from Taormina and go on to visit mount Etna.


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